Sunday, June 7, 2015

I CAN do something not related to rowing!

We actually had a weekend where I did almost nothing rowing related (except for practice Saturday morning).   Here is my "non-rowing" life in pictures.  Doesn't happen very often!
Bobby's Burger Palace... Fried Egg Burger - SOOOO Good!

Popcorn and the movie Tomorrowland - with my 2 favorite boys!  It was okay, not great, but fun.

Finally going to take care of our yard, so it looks like our house has someone living there instead of an abandoned crack house!

Beautiful Bounty!

John finally pulled out the last holdover bush, that I have hated since we moved into the house...8 years!  Blank canvas...

After - lots of lavender and pretty plants.

The old dead mum plants are finally gone!
Such a nice weekend with my boys.  The house looks great and we all got a much deserved break from all things rowing. 

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