Saturday, September 26, 2015

Running and Rowing and Run This Year - 800miles

My running funk is still going strong, but I've been trying to fight it.  I signed up for the Dulles Runway 10K, figuring it would give me some incentive to up my running.  Not so much.... Hadn't run in over a month, when I set out to run the race.  I thought to myself, how bad can it be, it's on the runway, it's flat, how bad can it be.... Well, pretty bad! :o(   I walked WAY MORE than I hoped to, but I did finish it, to be honest I don't even remember my time. Something like 1:12.  I just don't know what my problem is... even a year ago I was doing great and now, its just like torture!  I did hit my 800 mile mark for Run This Year.

Most of the miles lately have been rowing and erging miles, but I guess there's nothing wrong with that.  Rowing is a great workout as well.  I also found the Hogwarts Running Club on line.  It's a virtual running club. They host all these virtual races with Harry Potter themes, you pay to register and you get a really cool medal for doing the race and part of the registration fee goes to various charities.  They also use this app called Charity Miles.  You use it when you run, walk, bike or in my case row... and for every mile you complete they contribute money to a charity of your choice.  It's pretty darn cool.  For instance, this month all my miles are going to the World Wildlife Federation.  Each month I'm going to pick a different charity and run/row for them.  You also compete for the "House Cup" after you get "sorted" into a house, I'm Hufflepuff, then all your miles go toward that was well.  I talked Brenna into joining with me, she's going to run on the same day that I do for the virtual 5K's.  We'll be running the Patronus 5K on Oct 3rd.  Anything I can do to get motivated.  

On the rowing front... things are hot and cold.  I still feel like I'm doing all I can to just keep up with these ladies.  They all seem so much stronger, fitter and like better rowers than me.  I still find them pretty intimidating, on the water anyway,  they are very nice and mostly fun off the water.  I'm sure a lot of that is just my low self confidence.  I just keep trying as hard as I can to improve what Coach Jeanette points out.   Just when I was feeling pretty low... I did have one glorious moment.  Last practice we were getting ready to put the boat away and Coach Jeanette called me back down to the dock and made me get in the boat and demonstrate my stroke.  Apparently, my body angle and sequence was "perfect" and I was opening my back up at just the right moment!!  So everyone had to gather round and watch me... SAY WHAT???!!!   Not only did I get a warm fuzzy, but she I got it in front of everyone!   I was pretty high on life for quite awhile... until the next sucky practice anyway. :o)  We have a regatta tomorrow.  Head of the Potomac... I'm really sort of dreading it.  We haven't practiced in our lineup, we haven't practiced at race pace except for today and that was for 4 minutes.  Since I don't think we can row 5000meters in 4 minutes, I'm not sure how helpful that was.  I have no idea what that bodes for tomorrow, except that I know I'm dreading it.  Not only that, but we've been told we're racing two races!!  I guess we'll see what happens, but I feel woefully unprepared!  One good thing... the second race is a mixed boat with the men and Zack will be my coxswain!  That will be fun!

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