Sunday, September 13, 2015

Wye Island that wasn't

We heading out to row Wye Island Half Marathon bright and early this morning.  I had sort of been dreading it, not really feeling like I'm in the best shape right now. Project Healthy Up is proceeding, but it's slow going... but we talked the Racing Women into participating so off we went.

But then the storms rolled in... and they CANCELLED IT! :o(  What a freaking bummer.  It's funny, I was dreading it, but as soon as they said we couldn't do it, then I was so disappointed!  The mind is a funny thing.
So, we de-rigged the boats and head out for the much anticipated crabs.  Did it matter that it was only 10:30am?  Nope we all had been looking forward to the food and drink and at least we weren't going to be disappointed on that front.
Wye Island 2015

Racing Women

Sad we didn't get to race

Zack ordered the soft shell crab, we didn't realize it was actually the whole crab...just a toosh creepy!

Not really sure if he's supposed to actually eat the whole thing.  But he did!  I was pretty proud of him.  He's become quite brave!  Once again, I'm confronted with the fact that my boy is almost grown. This would have been our last Wye Island together!  Next year, he'll be gone to college and I'll be doing this all by myself. I really don't want to think about that, it makes me really, really sad.  I just keep hoping that when that time comes, I'll be okay with it and not just spend my time weeping and depressed. :o)  I'll trust that it's all going to work out.

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