Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Amazing Race

Woodbridge does the best Senior Field Trip, they started it last year, and continued it this year.  The Amazing Race...The kids form teams with an adult chaperone and they spend the day in DC hunting down clues for points.  There are dares, picture clues, trivia clues, speeches they have to memorize and recite - and each is worth a different number of points.  As you solve each clue, the chaperone must take a picture proving you've done it or found it with ALL the group members in the picture.  It is an exhausting, crazy day.  I was just thrilled that Zack and his friends were willing and even happy to have me as their chaperone.  You have to come up with a team name... we were the High Seas...get it... High Seas = Hyzy's... we went with the pirate theme!

Such a great group of kids. Not seemingly embarrassed about anything.  Such good sports and ready to have fun.
Yoga poses at the reflecting pool.

Chaperone had to do a gymnastics pose.  I was pretty proud of this one!

Jump shot on the mall

At the WWII memorial

With the Washington Monument in the background

Forming the 2016 year on the amphitheater stage
We may not have won, but I think everyone had a great time. I feel so privileged to have been allowed to participate with them.

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