Sunday, October 18, 2015

Head of the Charles

What a great weekend!  The Head of the Charles - the largest regatta in the nation... like the Superbowl of regattas.  I was very lucky to be able to go, mainly because there were only 8 of us that could go, so it's not like I earned my seat, but nevertheless, I got to go and I was going to make the most of it.
I was a little nervous because the hotel rooms are very expensive, so not only was I sharing a hotel room, but I was sharing a bed!  As a general rule, not my favorite thing to do... but I'm a team I was sharing with Jay (my bowmate) and the other 2 girls in the room, would have been my choice as well.  So, I was optimistic.

At the airport.

I gave everyone rowing socks as a HOCR party favor.
Our hotel was beautiful.  The weather was cold and windy.  We got there on Friday and had time for a quick practice on the water.  The course is curvy and pretty amazing, lots of bridges and scenery, of course when you're rowing you can't really look around.  We had a great dinner on Friday night, right in the hotel and then it was a pretty early night since we were rowing the next day.   We didn't row until 300pm, so in the morning, we had breakfast and then did our souvenir shopping and watched some of the races.  It was pretty nerve wracking... everyone was pretty revved up about how they wanted to do.  I guess in the past, the women's boat has done pretty well, but this year we were rowing in the 40+ category (instead of the 50+) which is a very competitive category.  I just wanted us to not be "Just Not Last (JNL)!"   It was a very exciting race (for me anyway).  It was cold and brutally windy, right off the bat we were passed by 2 boats, but one of those went on to win.  Then we passed 2 boats, and were neck and neck with another boat the whole last 750-500 meters, and held them off.  Unfortunately, our coxswain, wasn't able to take the best line and at one of the turns, we went way wide, but if we're being honest, it wouldn't have mattered.  I think we ended up finishing 24/ we weren't last!  

Afterwards was when the fun began!  These women can party... the bar hopping began.  I think I stayed up later and drank more than I have in years and years!   But it was fun and I enjoyed being with all these ladies.  Once again, I felt very honored and priviledged to even be allowed to go with them and row with them. 

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