Saturday, October 31, 2015

Halloween 2015

Once again, we all spent the Halloween holiday doing our own kind of thing.  I guess, it's time to start getting use to this.  Everyone is growing up and doing their own thing.

John spent the weekend at the cabin and got his "halloween" deer.

Cooper hung out with me, and was mortified for only a moment wearing his costume.

The dogs and I hung out and mainly ate candy, although I think this year we had more Trick or Treaters than we ever had.  Part of the cul-de-sac did a Halloween thing, but we weren't really included.  Which is fine, because I stayed in and watch a Walking Dead marathon anyway.

Zack and his friends hung out at the house for a little while and then went out and did their own thing.
Autumn and her Halloween costume... who didn't see this coming.... Bat Dog!

Double duty with the bat wings.  Both are so freaking cute.
Although we were all semi-apart, I think we all enjoyed our Halloween celebrations.

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