Thursday, October 22, 2015

Run This Year - 900 miles

While I've been rowing like crazy, including getting ready to row EVERYDAY this week, before we leave for Boston and the Head of the Charles, I have managed to get a few more miles in running as well.
I found the Hogwarts Running Club on-line, they host all these virtual races.  You register, the money goes to charity and you get a cool medal for completing the race.  They also compete for the "house cup" using an app called Charity Miles.  You log all your miles in the Charity Miles app and the house with the most miles is awarded the "house cup."  It's kind fun and I'm hoping it will give me a little incentive to keep up the running.  I got my 900 miles, along with completing my first Hogwarts virtual 5K, the Patronus 5K.  Brenna did it the same time as me, but in Wisconsin.  Kinda cool.

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