Friday, June 10, 2011

She's done it to me again, drat that girl!

So, every year she does it to me and you would think that I would catch on and not be drawn into the drama.  Every 3rd quarter of her high school career Brenna let's her grades plummet, she gives me a heart attack and I begin to very slowly gnash my teeth and pull my hair out!  And so begins the gentle nudging, the kind reminders to do her homework, quiet suggestions about tutoring and the fact that actually studying for a test might be helpful.  This year was no different, except that she waited until the LAST nine weeks to let the grades plummet.  Comes home with and F in  AP Biology Lab, D+ in Algebra II and a D+ in AP Biology Lecture. A's in everything else.  Mind you, Algebra II....REQUIRED FOR COLLEGE, AP Biology....WHAT SHE WANTS TO MAJOR IN IN COLLEGE!
It was not a happy Hyzy household.  And that F in Lab... that wasn't just any old F.... that was a 47 F, a so far down in the bottom of the basement you can't see light F!

But my girl did it.  She worked her tail off, she went to tutoring, she dissected a cat like a professional and I'll be damned if her grades don't reflect it.  She's done and we're waiting for the finals, but she's 1 point away from a B in AP Bio Lecture, got a C in Algebra II and 4 points away from a B in AP Lab!  That's some shit there!  But why o' why does she put me through all this... not only me, but the whole cul-de-sac as I vent and whine and moan day after day.  Why can't teenagers ever do things the easy way??? Why can't they just listen to their parents and do what we say?  Please o' please sweet Baby Jesus let Zack NOT follow in her sisters footsteps or I may not survive the stress!

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