Friday, June 3, 2011

Send help, or chocolate, or a stunningly handsome manservant, or a new computer, or money, but for heaven's sake send something!

UPDATED - So on my way home from the Apple store - where I did NOT get my computer fixed on top of everything else - I was distracted rehearsing some speech or other to some member of my family in my head and I almost ran a State Trooper off the road! Obviously my "Oops I'm sorry wave" didn't mollify him and he proceeded to pull me over.  But he was probably really sorry when I burst into tears (yeah raging hormones and stressful life)! Told him I totally deserved the ticket and to just add it to my big pile o'crap! I thnk I might have scared him and he took pity on me and only gave me a warning. Sheesh! I need that vacation NOW!

My computer is broken (thanks Brenna you stinker!), Graduation is in 7 days, my guests arrive in 5 days, we still have Hassenpfeffer kicking rabbit poop and bedding all over the guest room, my husband hates his job - the job that he spends a good 12+ hours a day at if you include his crappy 2 hour commute, Zack can't remember to hand in school work he HAS DONE already so instead of the straight A's we're use to the kid may not make it out of 7th grade, and Brenna is devastated and mopey because we won't buy her a $650 Iphone for graduation....
Calgon take me away!

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