Tuesday, May 31, 2011

See... I was right... Mother's do know what they are worrying about!

 My boys made it back safe and sound from their big Canada Float Plane Adventure.  A fun, exciting time was had by all.    No one was injured in the making of this adventure, but if you read my blog
Please don't let a bear eat him it wasn't for lack of my worrying.  They got home, relaxed a little and then broke out the pictures.... And lo and behold THERE WERE HATCHETS!  I just knew it, I knew there would be.



AND THIS....Wait for it... is a picture of my 13 year-old son getting a 15 minute "briefing" before he goes up in the UNCERTIFIED FLY AT YOUR OWN RISK. aircraft and FLYS IT ALL BY HIMSELF!
Thank the heavens above their host was also in the plane, but Zack flew it by himself!  
I am so glad I didn't go on this adventure!

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