Tuesday, May 3, 2011

At least when the Zombie Apocalypse hits we'll have lettuce!

My small, manageable I hope garden

 I have decided for some unknown reason to dip my toes in the murky, mysterious waters of home gardening.  My history is not great, just ask my mom.  She has a totally huge, I mean jolly green giant huge, green thumb.  Me, not so much.  As the years have progressed, my black thumb has morphed into a vague, sickly green color.  I don't necessarily kill every thing I touch, now it's more of the benign wasting disease of neglect.  I always start out enthusiastic, gung-ho full of dreams and ideals.  I'm going to single handedly bring nature back to the city, purify our household air and teach the kids about the wonder of nature... but then slowly and insidiously I begin to get distracted, lose interest and the next thing I know I have pots full of sad, droopy dead "use to be" plants.  But NOT THIS TIME! :o)
I decided to start small and manageable and instead of investing too much time an effort in creating veggie beds, I would use containers.  Small, manageable and easy to keep track of, or so I hope.  So, I ordered books, I did my research and I planted... tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers, mixed lettuces, squash and herbs.  And I waited....

My lettuce bowl

Our first homegrown salad!  Delicious!
And believe it or not... it grew and it's still growing.  Right now all we have is lettuce, but nothing has died, nothing has wilted, rabbits haven't found it and I have hope!

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