Saturday, May 7, 2011

A trip to Hell...not so much

I just got back from a trip to the Mall with BOTH my children.  I probably haven't take both my children to the mall at the same time in 10 years.  Let's be honest except for the twice yearly trip to buy summer clothes and school clothes for Zack I haven't been to the mall by myself in as many years.  I don't like the mall.  I don't like shopping and until today I didn't much like taking BOTH my kids anywhere. :o)

But today I was weak... and when Zack said he was ready and Brenna said she wanted to go and "help."  I gave in, and you know what it was awesome!  Not only did we get everything on our list to include:  shorts, shirts, shoes, bathing suits and flip flops for Zack.  We got Brenna's graduation dress and sandals, a new bathing suit and flip-flops.  I got damn cute summer shoes, flip-flops and new tupperware.  The kids got tie-dyed shirts and we all got matching bracelets so that when Brenna leaves for college we'll all still be connected.

Not only that....

NO ONE cried, no one pouted, no one called each other stupid.  We laughed, we gave fashion advice and we had lunch together!  It was not Hell... it was Heaven!  It only took 18 years and now Brenna is leaving. Some how that just doesn't seem fair.

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