Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What would you take? Make it good or I'm making fun of you...

One of my biggest fears is fire.  Not fire, in a fireplace or campfires or matches, but fire as in my house burning down.  When I was younger (as in 27 younger) - I use to lay awake in bed mentally rehearsing how I would get my infant child, two cats and a 110lb chocolate lab out the bedroom window when the house burst into flames.  For years I asked for one of those "hook to the window, roll down" ladders that you hid in your bedroom so you could escape out the window again when the house burst into flame.  Never got one and even if I had, I'm not sure how you carry down an infant, two cats and a dog.  It's sort of like the brain teaser where you have a chicken, grain and a fox and you have to get them all across the river.  But, none can be left alone, one will eat the other etc....  Because if you take the baby first, then you have to leave it alone on the lawn and the cats are running around the house, if you take the cats first then they'll run away the minute they are outside... already my mind is spinning!  But I digress and I believe have forgotten the point of this post...

So anyway, each morning I have about 12 different blogs that I read, I have them linked to mine so I can immediately see who has updated and who hasn't.  I discovered a new blog  It's pretty damn funny.  ***Disclaimer - it's chock full of profanity, so if you don't find profanity amusing, this may not be the blog for you.  I, on the other hand, find it immensely amusing.  When I logged on today to read her blog imagine my HORROR and AMAZEMENT when I discovered that her house had burned down TWICE!  I can't even begin to imagine, nor do I want to as I'm sure that would lead to many more sleepless nights.  Her post was totally hilarious and I spent a good portion of my early morning laughing out loud and she linked me to another interesting site that I spent altogether too much time perusing.

Which leads me to the purpose of this post.... If your house were burning down... what would you take?
For me:

Kids (although now they are probably old enough and smart enough to save me)
Dogs (not smart enough to recognize me when I come home from the store and so obviously need saving)
Wish I could save the snakes, but their cages are too heavy and they don't come when you call them in the smokey, dark, flame ridden house.
Mr. Spock nutcracker (kidding! - that I'd save it, not that I have one sitting on my desk)
I'd want to save my photo albums, but I have too many and they weigh too much because I'm slightly obsessive about documenting.
Maybe the 45 year old plant I inherited from my husbands grandmother?
Oh and the laptop - then I'd have some of my pictures
But, honestly, with my kids, dogs and husband... what else do I need?

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  1. Being a single person with no kids- I would first get my animals- the rest of the shit could burn. The bad thing is all my animals are insane and I am certain I'll be screaming "FUCK! FIRE!" over and over and they'd be all freaked the hell out and would go hide and I wouldn't leave without them, so we'd probably all burn.