Wednesday, May 4, 2011

But when the Zombie Apocalypse comes I will NOT be rowing to escape!

Brenna has rowed for the last two years, I've been at every regatta cheering my guts out, but I'd never put my money where my mouth was until Sunday.   I have always been a huge advocate for these kids.  They are amazing athletes, probably some of the fittest, most coordinated athletes of any sport.  You see those boats, especially the 8's, flying down that river it's like poetry in motion.  It's amazing, awe inspiring and after Sunday mind-boggling!  I rounded up 6 of my favorite friends, because who likes to make a fool of themselves alone, and off we went to Learn to Row camp. And while I learned to row in theory... in practice, not so much... let's just say if you are trying to escape the Zombie Apocalypse and your choice is getting in a boat with me rowing and single handedly making your way on foot, unarmed through the zombie horde....I'd start walking!
Practicing in the barge
Looking skeptically at the boat
It's not just getting in a boat and rowing.   There's legs, arms and back all moving in the right order, there's oar position, there's catch position, there's release position.  The coxswain is yelling at you, the coach is yelling at you,  you have to match the speed and position of the stroke seat, not to mention the evil "crabs" you catch that practically rip the oar out of your hands. Plus, if you are me you are totally stressed about making a fool of yourself in front of all your friends and strangers.  Ar-r-r-g-g-g-h-h-h!

You want me to do what?
Oar death grip

Off we go...

I could not keep my oar straight to save my soul.  Apparently I have bad wrists. They don't listen to what my brain is telling them to do.  Well, they do, but if I begin to think of anything else (like not tipping the boat over) then they go back to their naughty ways and my oar goes all catawampus and higgledy-piggledly.  At one point the coach hollered (in the nicest possible way) "5 seat, if you could keep your oar straight it would really help the boat and all the rest of us!"  It was pretty humorous, if humiliating yourself in front of all your friends can be considered humorous, which I think it can.
Nevertheless humiliation and all, it was pretty fun.  It is very cool being out on the water, especially with friends.  I can see how it would be a lot of fun, if you got good at it and everything was working in sync and if I could keep my damn blade straight!  I really don't think it was my fault, pretty sure I had a gay blade...just saying.
The makings of a great? 8!

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