Friday, June 10, 2011

So you think you can sing...NOT!

Zack is taking chorus again this year.  The kids are required to take a music class and their choices are Band, Orchestra or Chorus; since he was taking guitar lessons when the decision had to be made we chose Chorus.  I mean really, how hard is chorus?  Stand up there, move your mouth and pretend to sing.  Which is exactly what Zack does, except that usually he's also hiding behind the person in front of him or make silly faces at me.  It's painful, if you are going to require these kids to take music class - how about offering something they might actually enjoy.  Music appreciation?  History of music something besides freaking singing or playing an instrument.  But I digress... let me hop down off my soapbox and continue on with my riveting story...

This year they decided to "experiment" and they separated the choruses by sex.  Their thinking was that without the girls to impress, the boys would buckle down and take it all seriously and become good little singers.  OBVIOUSLY, no one in the decision making process was or had ever been the parent of a middle school boy nor had any of them seen Animal House.  Frankly, the only thing keeping those boys even slightly civilized is the chance that a cute girl might be looking.  Take that incentive out of the equation and it's like boys gone wild!   So yesterday this letter comes home 
Apparently the boys sucked so bad they decided to cancel the concert.  Really???  I could have told you this was destined for disaster back in August.  Needless to say, but I will anyway, the whole Hyzy house was happy to not have to sit through Man in the Mirror, Seize the Day and according to Zack "some mumbo-jumbo african song."  I don't care what anyone says that boy is taking Home Ec and Shop class next year.  Mama needs a new napkin holder!

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  1. Did you know your comments have been broken? Well they have.

    Anyway, I'd have him start doing the cooking in the house, you know, as homework.