Thursday, April 12, 2012

Make decisions much???

So.... my wonderful husband quit his job today!  I know... right?  All this done and decided in less than 2 days. That man can make some decisions.  First the new car... now a new job.  He got a job offer from an old High school friend 2 days ago, but this time it seemed pretty serious.  He gets job offers on a pretty regular basis, but no one has been able to match Booz Allen in the money arena, so while he'd like to quit because he hates the 2 hour commute, we aren't in a place where we can take a big pay cut.  I mean, we could do it, but it would be a lot more painful.

He did a 2 hour phone interview yesterday, dithered for about 20 minutes and gave his 2 week notice today!  That man can make some decisions, it amazes me.   I guess that's why we make a good team... he's strong where I'm weak, I'm strong where he is lacking.  I'm good with people, John not so much.  He can make a decision, I can't even pick out my dinner entree when we go out.  I remember dates, John remembers nothing.  He can't hear, I can't see.  When you put us together we make a complete person.

So, we're starting on a new adventure as of April 30th.  He's going to be in charge of the Ft. Belvoir Satellite health clinics in Woodbridge and Fairfax.  It's a pretty huge job but I know he's going to be great at it.  The best part his commute is cut in half or more.  It'll be hairy for the first few months, long crazy hours but he's excited about it.  Bad part... the clinics open July 1st... that means no Alaska trip for Johnny and no salmon or halibut for me. :o(  Good part... I better be able to get a God Damn doctor's appointment when I need one now!

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