Monday, April 30, 2012

Veggies....Year #2

I got the second annual Hyzy Veggie Garden up and planted today.  I enjoyed my garden last  year even though my squash and zucchini were celibate and while they looked beautiful... they were fruitless....
I talked to the "help desk" at the Nursery and they claimed they'd never heard of that problem and it must have been a fluke.  Only me!
I planted my peppers in the shade of the enormous, but fruitless, squash so they didn't get enough sun and I only got one stunted pepper.  I didn't pick my herbs enough and they flowered and quit growing...

But...Lessons learned....  Hope springs eternal; I've replanted with lessons learned and I will anxiously await the "fruits" of my labor!
Squash, Zucchini, cucumbers

Tomatoes, peppers and leeks

Herb pot and lettuce bowl
The other exciting thing... last weekend I discovered that over the winter my tomatoes had reseeded themselves.  I must have left a tomato or 2 to rot in the pot and they started themselves up.  How could I ignore that?  My little determined tomatoes!  I'm also going to try growing Leeks this  year.  I wanted to do green onions, but I couldn't find any and I wasn't sure if green onions were the same as regular onion that  you pick before they get too big and no one at the nursery could really answer the question. So leeks it is!

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  1. I usually just buy a seed packet of green onions for $1 at Walmart or wherever. Plant a few rows of them, and whenever you need some, just go out with some kitchen shears! Mine never get as large as the store ones but the flavor is great.