Saturday, April 14, 2012

Easter Recap

We had a very nice Easter weekend.  Our girl got to come home and hang out and we did a fabulous Mt. Burnside Easter Cookout and Egg hunt.  Just like they did it on Leave it to Beaver.

Easter Toilet

Mom's Easter Hair

Too much sugar makes you crazy

Egg Hunt game face on!

No more pictures!
Kids got their Easter baskets in the morning and then we relaxed until the BBQ. The kids actually decorated eggs.  We haven't decorated eggs in probably 5 years, but the Easter Bunny found these really cool (and mess free) Q-tips with dye in them and put those in the baskets.  After they finished with the baskets, we boiled eggs and they decorated.  I think it will be a new tradition.  The Easter Bunny will look for cook or unusual egg dyeing methods and put them in the baskets and then we can decorate after baskets.  Fun!   As usual Mt. Burnside can put on a shindig.  Lots of good food, a huge egg hunt for all the kids - big and small. John had worked all weekend on landscaping projects and we woke up Sunday morning to find the Easter Toilet in the front yard.  I must say it added quite a festive atmosphere to the party.   Everyone wanted to have their picture taken with the Easter Toilet. After dinner the kids and I had a Walking Dead marathon.  That is one creepy ass show!  Gave me Zombie dreams for 2 solid days!

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