Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Don't want to jinx myself...

I was cleaning off bookshelves this week making room and purging because I like to do that.  For some reason, throwing things away makes me happy!  Most people like to fill up shelves with "stuff" for me I'm  happiest with a clean, empty shelf...weird I know, but it is what it is.
Cleaning off this shelf really brought me back to a time I had almost forgotten about.  Here is a small list of the books I've relegated to the Goodwill bin...

1. Parenting with Love and Logic
2. How to Behave so your Children will too!
3.  She's Gonna Blow!  Real help for mom's dealing with anger.
4. When We're in Public Pretend You Don't Know Me.
5.  "Mom, Jason's Breathing on Me!"  The Solution to Sibling Rivalry.
6.  Get Out of My Life, but first could you drive Cheryl and me to the Mall?
7.  The Big Book of Simple Solutions - Training Your Dog.
8. The Everything Dog Training and Tricks Book.

It seems so long ago since these books were my bibles.  I hardly remember the despair and frustration.  Without jinxing myself, it seems like we've navigated those troubled waters pretty well.  Brenna has turned into a (mostly) amazing, thoughtful, funny young woman.  And Zack is giving us sooooo many fewer "issues" than Brenna did at the same age.  He seems to just coast, calmly through life, doesn't fight us on much of anything, whereas Brenna fought us on everything!  Boys vs. Girls I guess?  Although, I was a good girl until I turned 16 and then it all went to hell!  So, I guess I'm not out of the woods completely yet.  But for now, I'm so proud of my peewees... I'd like to attribute it to great parenting and obviously my reading material, but I think it's got to be mostly luck!  Either way, I hope these books go on to inspire some other poor schmuck who thinks their kids are going to grow up to be sociopaths or serial killers!  Hang in there... you come out the other side of the despair tunnel and it turns into a happy story!

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