Saturday, May 5, 2012

Rest in Peace, Sweet Millie

Brenna's love affair with hamsters started when she was about 9 and we got her one for Christmas.  First there was Hagrid and then Otto and most recently Millie.  She's had a hamster pretty much most of her life.  She got Millie when she went off to college. Millie kept her company all through her freshman year; a little bit of family when she was lonely.  Sadly, very unexpectedly Millie died last night.  She was fine, Brenna went off to buy her a new fancy cage and when she got home, poor little Millie was limp and cold.  We Googled it... thank god for Google, and tried everything suggested.  We tried to warm her up on a heating pad, gave her a gentle massage, tried to tempt her with sugar water...poor John even did mini chest compressions and gave her tiny hamster mouth-to-mouth!  I see a Best Dad of the Year Award in his future.  And for a few minutes it looked like she was making a comeback.  She started breathing a little more strongly and twitching, but then she had what looked like a seizure and she was gone.

Brenna handled it better than I did, but I think she was pretty devastated.  We Hyzy's invest a lot in our pets, they are more like family than pets.
She was a good, sweet, loving hamster and she will be missed.  I hope she's found Hagrid and Otto and they are frolicking in Pet Heaven!

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