Thursday, May 3, 2012

It's over, it's done, it's finished

      The room is clean, the car is loaded, the books are sold back and last assignment was just emailed in.  We are crashed in the hotel room, it's 730pm and she's already asleep.  We are just a little bit pooped.  It's all over except the waiting for the grades.  I cannot believe her first year of college is over and done.  It seems like this semester just flew by.  She has had a great year and I was almost offended by how sad she was to leave the campus and especially the dorms.  She loved the dorm and her room and her friends.  I'm not sure we could have wished for a more successful introduction to college.

     Tomorrow on our way out we'll stop by and look at the apartment she'll be renting next year.  I'm not real excited about that, but I'm sure she'll be fine.  Although on the way out this afternoon she was telling me how much she loved the dorms and how a bunch of her friends were living on Moffet Quad and she would have liked that.... SAY WHAT???!!!!  What happened to she's "die if she couldn't move into the apartment with her friends" "nobody stays in the dorms 2nd year"??? Now she says if we'd said No to the apartment she would have been fine with it???!!!  Even after 19 years I guess I still don't have it figured out.

       Back home tomorrow and the reintegration of "college student" into "living at home daughter" will begin.  I'm a little nervous about that, but again I'm sure it will all work out.  It's going to take a little bit of time for her to get back on a "real life" schedule, cause staying up until 3am and sleeping until 2pm, is not going to be near as much fun when we all go to bed at 10pm and get up at 6am.  She's going to have to find a job or she's going to go bonkers crazy.

But for now, Momma is just happy to have all her chicks back under the same roof!

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