Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I'm alive...We're all alive...technically...just poor!

It's okay we're all fine, it's just been a crazy, busy, weird week or so!

#1 - Brenna totalled her car!  I know right?  She was delivering flowers for a flower shop over Mother's Day weekend.  Sitting at a 4 way stop, looked down to check her GPS, because she thought she missed her turn and accelerated into the intersection.  It wasn't her turn, someone was turning left in front of her and **Bam*&! right into the passenger side door of the other car.  She was fine, the other lady told the police she was fine, but then complained to John that her shoulder hurt.  Whatever..people suck and she'll probably sue our asses off!  Anyway, USAA declared the car a total loss, so now we're waiting to see what comes next.  Hoping we get at least enough to pay off the loan on the totaled car.  Brenna is stuck at home with no car and no money and pretty unhappy with her summer thus far.  I feel bad for her, but not bad enough to let her drive my car!  2 accidents and one reckless driving/speeding ticket in 2 years... yeah not so much.  John has started looking for another car for her, but we're not in too big a hurry.  Think she needs to "feel the pain" a little to understand that she needs to be much more attentive and careful when she drives.

#2 - John racked up a $764 cell phone bill with his new job!  WTF???  My little Chatty Cathy!  Of course I called Verizon and they could give a rat's ass that it was an accident and we didn't realize it was happening.  But they were perfectly happy to help me "adjust" my calling plan so it didn't happen again and I could pay them an extra $100 a month to insure that.   F*****S!

#3 - I spent 3 days with the Crew team at the Stotesbury Regatta in Philly as Lead chaperone and had a FABULOUS time!  The team did awesome, the parents are great and it was tons of fun.  There is something to be said for attending sporting events when you don't have a kid participating.  I get nervous and anxious because I love all those kids, but it's a general anxiety.  It's not the gut-wrenching frantic-ness when it's your kid in the boat.  So, I'm looking forward and not looking forward to Zack rowing next year.   But by attending and "checking out" of my life for 3 days, my To Do list is now 2 pages long most of which needs to be done either "yesterday" or "tomorrow."  So I'm not sleeping and compulsively making and remaking lists, which doesn't seem to help my stress level.

It doesn't help that John is virtually a ghost in the house with this new job.  He's working hellish, stressful hours and not enjoying it very much.  I think (and so does he) if he can just survive until July 4th it will settle down and all will be better.
Zack has totally checked out of school (haven't we all!).  Brought home a decent report card but got a U - unsatisfactory in behavior!?  He went from a O-outstanding to a U-unsatifactory in a few weeks.  No contact from the teacher...WTF???
And Brenna is mopey...see #1 and still totally on college time.  She went out at 1100pm last night and got home about 230am.  And frankly, I'm too tired and worn down to even care!  :o)

Otherwise Mrs. Lincoln...How did you like the play?

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