Sunday, February 10, 2013

Golds Gym Erg Sprints

Another successful foray into the Erg Sprints world!  This time Zack only had to row in the freshman race.  It was 1500m so he was a little nervous, but once again he rowed his freaking guts out!!  I think he came out a little strong and then faded some at the end, but I've decided that this year is sort of like when the kids played T-ball or peewee Soccer - we're not keeping's not about the time... it's about rowing as hard as you can.  And that's certainly what he's doing.  He wasn't last and that's always a good thing.  Not to mention, but I will, the 3 kids that won the race... I'm pretty sure weighed 3x what  Zack and the rest of the Woodbridge Freshman weighed! :o)  It was a great day, Woodbridge did awesome - medaled in every event and took 1st in quite a few.  There was great camaraderie, lots of cheering and I think it was a wonderful way to start off the season!  I can't wait for Spring to start!

Freshman Race

Game face

Getting ready to try his hand at coxing
Zack the coxswain - 3rd place finish!

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