Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Just say NO to chocolate

I came home yesterday to find this...

Which is the remains of 3 Valentines Day packages that were sealed and ready to be mailed to Mom, Louise and Brenna.  I couldn't believe that Cooper at 3 of these DELICIOUS 

Candy bars, but also the the bubble mailing packages, cardboard packaging and parts of the Valentines Day cards, but with a face like this it was hard to stay mad. 

Until he started throwing up and I realized that the amount of chocolate he consumed could actually be a real issue.  Did some googling, called the 24hour emergency vet and $500 later - Cooper was deemed fine.  He had to spend the night in the hospital, did the whole activated charcoal, IV fluids and heart medication routine and emptied my wallet but now he's home safe and sound and I hope he's learned his lesson.  Doubt it... most likely I've learned my lesson.  Nothing is safe from Cooper.

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