Monday, February 4, 2013

Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints

The Spring Season is getting ready to kick off!  Zack had his first experience with with Mid Atlantic Erg Sprints.  It's a huge rowing competition and I'm very proud of Zack for participating.  He was the only freshman who participated!  We talked about how it would be a great experience for him, no pressure,  just rowing in his own event.  He could go and check it out, see what it was like and then he'd know for future years.   When we got there we discovered that one of the Varsity guys was sick and they needed Zack to row in the Quad slide with the rest of the varsity guys.  You should have seen his face.  It was outwardly blank, but I could tell he was a little freaked out, but he stepped up like a champ and filled in.  He rowed first in his individual 1000M race and did great.  He rowed his guts out!    4:09.8 - He was 36/38, but his place wasn't what we were concerned about, it was the experience.  It think it was harder than he expected, but he was so awesome.  Then just a couple hours later, he rowed in the Quad slide with the other guys.  I think it was a lot harder than he expected, but he dug down, gritted it out and totally hung with the big boys!  I was so proud of him!  It was so amazing to see him in the role of athlete.  Working so hard and doing so great.  I'm so use to seeing him as my baby, or as the goofy, computer kid.  To see him working so hard and accomplishing so much, it just makes me so proud!  I can't wait for the Regatta season to start!  The event in pictures...

Getting ready to row 1000M
Coach Lea coxing him to the end

Survived his first event

Rowing in the Quad

The Quad rowing hard!

Survived another event


The whole gang!

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