Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Boston Marathon Sadness

I always debate whether I should be commenting on current events in this blog.  Will ALL (a little sarcasm inserted here) my flock of readers in the future wonder why I didn't mention important events like Margaret Thatcher, who died last week or the escalations between North Korea and pretty much the whole world - will they launch a bomb or won't they.  This blog has always been about our daily lives and while those things are sad or scary they don't really impact our day to day living...

But, yesterday someone or someones set off 2 bombs at the finish line of the Boston Marathon.  While again this doesn't impact my daily life exactly, it actually does in some ways.  It affected normal everyday people who were just watching and running an exciting race.  While N. Korea may launch a missile it probably won't hit me...  but I am an everyday person and while I doubt I'll EVER run the Boston Marathon, or any marathon for that matter, I could.  I could have been cheering someone on, I could have been volunteering, I could have been running.  I am an everyday normal person who has just dipped her toe into the running world.  It just makes me so sad and discouraged that this sort of sickness and hatred and evil is still making it's presence felt.  The 8 year old boy, who died while waiting to cheer his father across the finish line.  Is there anything more heartbreaking than thinking about the impact on his family?  A triumphant moment, turned in to horror and never-ending heartbreak.  In the midst of all my "be happy for the small things" posts,  I can only shake my head and love my family and hope that we find a way to end this sort of evil.  My thoughts and heart is with Boston and everyone impacted.

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