Wednesday, April 3, 2013

We have a new Rower... It's Official

I don't know how people blog in a timely manner, especially the important stuff!  I mean we have and important event, like Zack's first regatta, and I'm so exhausted at the end of it and for the next 2 days that there's no way I could sit down and form coherent thoughts and then something else happens and before I know it - I'm playing catch up again!  Oh well, it is what it is I guess.

Zack's first regatta was this weekend and it was an unqualified success.  Brenna was able to drive home and spend the regatta and easter with us, so that was a big score.  I was completely nervous - the weather around here has been just awful, cold and windy.  The kids did not get a lot of water time prior to the regatta.  My honest goals for the regatta, have them stay in their lane, nobody fall out of the boat and find the finish line!  Done, Done, Done.   The exciting thing about the crew team this year is that there are enough freshman boys to field two 8's!  There is an A boat and a B boat - I think Zack was a little disappointed that he was in the B boat, but I just told him "you be the best B boat rower they have and work hard and you'll make it to the A boat in no time."  He gets that, and is already talking about what he can do to work harder and be more serious.  I was very proud of his attitude.

It was beautiful day.  The kids rowed over to The Point early and hung out, bonded and got to watch the Varsity boats race.

Before I knew it, it was time for the race!  I think Brenna was more nervous and beside herself than even I was.  She kept saying, "you don't understand - I KNOW what can go wrong!"  I kept telling her to "keep it to herself"  I could imagine enough worst case scenarios on my own!
They had a little trouble (all the boats) lining up and getting ready for the start and then they were off...  One of the other teams racing, had their rudder (called a skag?) break and they actually ended up crossing over and tangling with our A boat!  There was so much drama, that I almost forgot to watch Zack's boat.  The A boat recovered and ended up finishing the race.  Zack's boat actually did really well, they ended up coming in 3rd with no drama and no problems.  I thought it was very exciting and I just couldn't believe that my baby boy was out there rowing in a race.  He was just so awesome, an athlete, a big boy and doing it all on his own.

I felt the same sense of amazement that I did when Brenna raced.  I just can't believe that I birthed something that is capable of getting out there and rowing that 8 down the course.  It is such and amazing sport, so inspiring, impressing and I have to pinch myself that - that's MY kid doing that!

Not only was it a successful race, but they came away with 3rd place ribbons in their first regatta.  Doesn't get much better than that!
Then, the perfect end to the race.  The men's 3rd 8 was down one rower for the row home and the coaches were willing to let Brenna hop in the boat and row home with them.  The catch... we didn't think of it until the boat was already on it's way home in the middle of the river.  That didn't stop my girl, she jumped into a coach's launch...WITH AN OAR.... and climbed into the Men's boat...IN THE MIDDLE OF THE RIVER... and rowed that bad boy home!  She was so thrilled, got a blister and talked about it all night long!  Girl Power!

All in all, an amazing Regatta for all of us.  I can't wait until next weekend...

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