Monday, April 8, 2013

Sometimes it's the little things that can make such a difference.

I know with the big 238 million PowerBall Lottery, there is always lots of talk about "what I'll do if I win the lottery."  How all that money is going to solve all the problems and make everyone happy.  I say, sometimes it's the little things that solve a smaller problem that really makes one happy.

For instance, I've always hated taking showers.  I know, weird right?  Don't get me wrong I still shower, it's not like I walk around stinky or anything, but I put it off until the very last minute.  I avoid, I vacuum, I Facebook, I make more tea, I blog, I check email, I Facebook again... until I just can't put if off any more.  It's not the actual shower I hate, it's the getting out of the shower.  It's the In-Between Time.  The time between the warm, water being turned off and the putting on of my warm, comfy clothes.  It's that COLD in-between time.  I HATE being cold.  I especially hate being cold and wet!  I hate when you turn the water off, pull back the shower curtain and all that freaking COLD air comes whirling around your wet shivering body!  HATE.IT!

When we were remodeling the bathroom we talked about putting in one of those combo vent fans that have a heater in it - like in the hotels.  But decided it was too expensive, too big, too whatever and we never did it.  I've regretted it every shower since then.

Then Brilliant Brain Blast.... buy one of those tall skinny, space heaters.  I have the perfect, empty corner in the bathroom where it would fit perfectly.

Hello Ebay... Goodbye $30...

BOOM!  End of all my problems... or at least the ones that revolve around the cold shower in-between time!
I wish it was always this easy!

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