Thursday, April 18, 2013

Double Regatta Catch up!

Geez, I just can't keep up!  We've had 2 regattas...

Walter Mess - April 6th.
Zack was still rowing in the B boat, but they moved him up to the stroke position, so he was very excited about that.  It was a beautiful day and the B boat ended up rowing really well and beating the A boat by 8 secs!  B Boat... my ass!!

The green and gold Spirit Tutu also made it's debut at Walter Mess.   My dear friend Jennie Tatum, heard that one of my truest wishes (totally true) was to have a tutu!  Then to make it a spirit tutu... does it get any better than that??  I don't think so!

Next,  Darrell Winslow on April 13th - 
This time Zack moved up to A boat - 3 seat.  He was very excited about his boat and his boat lineup, because most of his friends are in this boat.  He worked really hard and changed up his attitude a little bit and it worked for him.  I have to give him a lot of credit, when we talked about what he should do to move up to the A boat. He told me he was going to work on his attitude, I was suddenly concerned that he'd been disrespectful or something.  But, he said he thought maybe he joked around a little too much with the coaches and he needed to be a little more serious.  I thought that was pretty mature for a 15 year old boy to recognize that!  Obviously, something worked.  Once again, they had a great race and beat the B boat by 1:03!  What seems to be the common factor....Hmmm... let's see, maybe it's...ZACHARY HYZY!  Why yes, I think that's it!

hamburger hands

This is also the regatta that the Big Head made it's debut.  It was the envy of everyone, or at least that's what I imagine.  Many got a big kick out of it and while you would think Zack would be horrified and embarrassed - he was not!  I think that boy is missing the embarrassment gene!  I embraced the whole thing.  Most of the kids were, in turn, both horrified that their parents might order one and envious that Zack had one.  It was actually quite fun!

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