Sunday, February 9, 2014

Erg Sprints, Erg Sprints more and more Erg Sprints

Last weekend was Mid-Atlantic Ergs and this weekend was Golds Gym Ergs.  These are always fun, because they are a little bit smaller, right in our backyard and against only the Prince William County schools that we actually compete against.  Once again we had a huge turnout and this time we got LOTS of BLING!!  I think in virtually every race we entered we won some kind of medal.
Once again Zack did a 1500m race for his age group and did okay.  He started out way too fast in the beginning and so sort of lost it at the end.  But hopefully he felt pretty good about his performance.  I'm always so proud of him.  I just always imagine how I would react under all that pressure and I'm not sure I'd even be brave enough to enter a competition like that.  He's amazing.
Game Face?

When the competition was over Coach Cox took the team out for pizza.   I took some of the boys and we went and got Gatorade and cookies for dessert.  They all hung out, goofed off and I think throughly enjoyed themselves.

Once again, such a great group of kids and so much fun to be around… I'm always so impressed with their behavior and attitude and how they can be so fierce in the competition and so freaking funny and goofy afterwards.  I'm so glad both Brenna and Zack "chose" this sport!

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