Monday, February 10, 2014

Race #2 - Run Your Heart Out

Did another 5K this weekend in my quest to run 12 races in 2014.  I haven't branched out past 5K's yet, but I'm going to.  I have my eye on a 5K trail run, a 4 mile run and my first 10K race in the next couple of months.  Also considering signing up for the Air Force Half Marathon in Sept.  I just found out Ian is going to run it as his 1st Half and Cari is going to run the 5K that goes along with it.  I think it would be awesome to fly out and run it with Ian.  It would surely give me incentive to really do it!  We'll see…

This weekend I ran the Run Your Heart Out 5K in Reston.  My goal was to beat my best time, 29:10.  It was a decent course… tons of people, but I like the company that puts on these races.  They always do a really nice job.  Unfortunately I forgot my GPS watch and only had my phone so it was difficult for me to monitor my time.  I felt pretty strong - I was going along great, I hadn't stopped at all and then… there was this freaking HELLACIOUS hill right at the very end.  You had to get up this hill, before you turned into the stadium and finished on the nice flat track! :o(   The hill did me in,  I ran all the way up it - but at the top I had to stop and walk for about 10-20sec.  I was bummed.  Then I turned into the stadium and I did my best to sprint at the very end.  I never use to be able to do that, but recently it seems I've found a little extra right at the end and been able to sprint the last bit.  Anyway, my time when I came in said 29:13!  I was so freaking pissed… 3 secs off my PR!  If I hadn't walked that last little bit, I would have beaten my previous time… :o(
BUT THEN…. I checked my official time today…. 29:08!!!  Hells YES!!  I forgot that the time at the race is the time the gun goes off, not necessarily the time I cross the start and finish!  So, my PR streak is intact.  I think that will be the add on… to my 2014 resolution… 12 races in 12 months and each one try and PR.

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