Monday, February 3, 2014

Happy Anniversary!

23 Freaking.Years!   Good God, how does that happen?  Sometimes I don't feel like I'm old enough to have done anything for 23 years!  It's been a good 23years.  I think what no one tells you when you get married is that it's also a lot of hard work and if you are lucky the good parts, outweigh the difficult parts and make it easier to get through the hard work.  We're definitely heavy on the good part!!  Much to be thankful for.

It also happened to be Superbowl Sunday… so we celebrated with our cul-de-sac, we ate too much, probably drank a little too much and had a great party.  The game sucked… total blow out for the wrong team… even the commercials sucked, but you can't go wrong with good friends and good food.

Today, we met for lunch at Buffalo Wild Wings and then went refrigerator shopping.  Which actually turned out really nicely.

Our garage refrigerator's freezer quit working and the house refrigerator's ice maker broke down, so we decided to just suck it up and buy a nice new one.  I know First World Problems. I was very excited, because we picked out a beautiful, humongous french door model… only to discover that the spot we have is too small for it. The people who remodeled this kitchen really ended up making it difficult for us to replace appliances.  It seems we never get more than one or two choices, because they remodeled this kitchen for very specific appliances. :o(  Nevertheless, we found one that would fit and it's very nice.  Anything new is always nice.

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