Monday, July 20, 2015

College Visit #2 - Virginia Tech

We headed off for our second college visit of the summer.  Virginia Tech.  Probably bottom on my list... Partly because of my bias toward Radford which always gets overlooked, partly because the whole cult-like "I can only wear maroon and orange all the time' attitude and lastly that damn 4 hour drive down.  But, it deserves a fair shot just like everyone else...
Dairy Queen binge

Just what exactly is a "Hokie Bird?"

Hmmm... pondering VT 

We drove down and spent the night in a hotel, had a lovely breakfast and headed over. Once again, the information session and campus tour were very good.  Very slick and professional, that could be a good thing or an iffy thing.  The campus is beautiful.  We also went to an information session at the College of Science (math and physics) and they have some really cool and exciting programs that Zack might be able to take part in.  I think he was impressed with everything to begin with, but then the College of Science tour really impressed him.  While I don't think VT has knocked UVa out of it's #1 slot, they are definitely neck and neck now!  Very different schools - I think Tech is about 35,000, so quite a bit bigger.  I think the only drawback from Zack's point of view is the whole "Hokie Nation" thing.  Which in my mind is a pretty big "thing."  I'm not sure how he'll make his decision?  I think, he needs to go back to both schools in Sept/Oct and see what they are like with students there.  I'm going to see if I can arrange for him to "shadow" one of his friends at each school.  That would give him a really good idea what it will be like for him there.   
We have George Mason and William and Mary left to see, although he seems to think UVa an VT are the top two and the others are also-rans.  But, I don't think he liked VT as much until we visited, so who knows what he'll think of the others.

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