Friday, July 31, 2015

Idaho 2015

Ian was out there 2 weeks ago and had some concerns, so I headed out to visit Dad and see for myself. He seems to be doing much better since his surgery, recovery is going well, but he's just not eating well, he's never been a good eater.  I planned to cook all sorts of tempting items, ply him with food and then leave stuff in the freezer for them to eat later.
First stop is always Jack in the Box!!  Oh how I love my Jack in the Box!

I just love Idaho.  The weather was stunningly gorgeous!  Low 80's at the highest, no humidity.  I was able to get my runs in without dying and we spent most of our time just sitting on the porch enjoying the weather and watching the pond and wildlife.  They really do have the most beautiful oasis in their backyard.

It really is so relaxing and rejuvenating to just sit out there and relax.  No phone calls, no email, just peace and quiet and good conversation.  I was also designated the "freezer police" this trip.  I cleaned out all 3 freezers, reorganized and then filled with casseroles.  It was great fun teasing Louise about the amount of crap in their freezers!  If it was completely covered in ice, unrecognizable or older than 5 years - into the trash it went.  4 enormous bags of trash later...she took the ribbing pretty gracefully. 
No trip to Idaho is complete without a trip to the Casino!  Personally, I don't get the lure - but I enjoyed having lunch and hanging out with them.  I prefer a game that requires at least a little skill, like solitaire! :o)  Not just push a button and wait to see what happens.  But I played along just like everyone else.  Started with my $20, tried to find machines that had some sort of significance.  Played a "Buffalo Bill" machine in honor of John - loser.  Played "Prince Charming" in honor of Zack - loser.  Played "Aliens" for myself - even bigger loser.  Down to my last few dollars... Found "Lucky Horses" in honor of Brenna....

"Lucky Horses" - BIG WINNER!!!  Thanks Brenna Hyzy!  Started with $20 and came home with $63.77!  Pretty darn exciting... then we went to the movies and I had POPCORN and CANDY with my winnings.  It was a "go crazy" kind of day!  I think it was good for Dad and Louise to get out and they both seemed to enjoy themselves. 
Overall, it was a good visit, Dad seems to be doing very well, handling everything about as well as I could expect.  He ate really well while I was cooking - maybe so I wouldn't feel bad, but if guilt gets him to eat, then I'll take it!  I'll probably try and head back up there when his reconstruction surgery is scheduled, if he decides to go thorough with it.  His Dr. seems to be an anti-smoking fanatic and is threatening not to do the reconnection surgery if Dad doesn't quit smoking.  Seems a little iffy-iffy to both Ian and me, so I told Dad to try and get a second opinion and we'll go from there.  I'll keep checking in regularly, nagging him to eat and walk and hopefully he'll have many more years of my nagging!

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