Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Home Visit!!!

Sooo exciting... our girl got permission to come home for 10 days.  She deployed her detectors and then high-tailed it down to Virginia.  We couldn't wait to see her... but we had to... because she hit Radford and "the boyfriend" first!
Totally understandable, she's a grown up now and we're happy whenever she wants to come see us.  She spent about 4 days down at Radford and then she came up to us for a day.  It was good to have her home and I think she got a chance to relax and recharge and that's what she needed the most.  Just a break from the work and the being alone, back in familiar territory.
While we were thrilled to have Brenna Bob back with us....

I'm not so sure that Autumn was as warmly received.  As you can tell from the body language... Cooper and Zoey grudgingly tolerate and Autumn is clueless! :o)  
We didn't do much of anything except sit around and drink wine and gab.  John got her all fitted out for fishing.  It's only taken 22 years, but she has finally decided that fishing is pretty cool and she has plenty of opportunity to do it.  John is thrilled!!!  After a day or so of pampering we sent her on her way.  So, very proud of her.  She had to plot her course back, she found hotels to stay in and just in general acted like the responsible grown up that she has become. 
She is amazing!

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