Friday, July 17, 2015

Novice Camp - BOOM! Success!

My 2nd year of running the PWCA Novice Rowing Camp has come to an end.  I am exhausted but very happy with the way it turned out!  We had 43 kids last year and this year we had 63!  We had 5 Eights the 2nd week!!!  I had to scramble to find coaches, but I did it and it was awesome!  I found the coaches, coxswains, experienced rower/helpers, ran the entire registration, ordered the t-shirts, planned the pizza party and in general handled it all.  Even coached one day as a fill in.
Looks like a centipede under that boat!

Week #1

Week #2

I just love Novices.  It's so amazing to see them on the first day of camp and you think "Holy Shit, what have I gotten myself into.  These kids are never going to be able to get this."  By the last day of camp, they are rowing by all 8, they are laughing and having fun and no longer sitting in the boat like it's going to capsize at any minutes!  It really is crazy how quickly they pick up the skills.  I think it's partly because they have very little fear, compared to adults.  They may be afraid, but if you tell them they can do something, they trust you and do it.  Adults (or maybe it's just me) overthink everything, and don't really trust that they can do it.  Last year, when I was rowing as a novice, it took us close to a month or longer before we were rowing by all 8.  They get it done in 5 days.  Now, I'm anxious for the season to start.  I want to see how many of these kids come out, how many more we can get and get them out on the water.  I'm not as anxious for the rest of everything that comes with being "in season" but I do love being with the kids on the water!

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