Monday, December 28, 2015

Costa Rican Adventure

Our girl headed off to Costa Rica for 3 weeks yesterday!  I'm so proud of her.  Right at the beginning of school, her advisor asked her to come along on the trip, the school would pay the tuition portion and we'd pay the rest.  As with the rest of her adventures, it seemed like a great opportunity for her so we went along with it.  I drove her up to BWI yesterday and dropped her off.  But, aside from her advisor, she doesn't know anyone going, she doesn't know who she's going to be rooming with, she doesn't know what her responsibilities are going to be... but off she goes without any hesitation.  She's so freaking brave, and I'm just so proud of her!
She's going to be having such a great adventure, white water rafting, alligator farms, rainforest exploration, camping on the beach... she's taking her hammock and going to sleep in that!  Learning about Costa Rican bats and who knows what else!
Her first sleeping arrangements

That's our girl!

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