Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Puppy Buddies

While Brenna is off on her Costa Rican adventure, her baby girl Autumn is staying with us.  She's a good girl and John loves her.  I think he loves having a big dog he can play with and beat on.  But, Copper and Zoey are less than enthusiastic.  Cooper is tolerant, Zoey is disdainful and irritated.  Of course, we were happy to keep her, but I was a little nervous because she's had some issues in the past with peeing and chewing etc... She also really is never apart from Brenna, so we weren't sure how she was going to react....
But.... She's been doing great!!!
She walks pretty well on a leash, it's been a little challenging to take all 3, but we're making it work.  


Almost besties....

They seem to be bonding pretty well.... Zoey is even relatively friendly now.  By the end of 3 weeks, they'll probably be inseparable.  It's a little bit like kids though.... 2 is good, with 3 I'm outnumbered.  I only have 2 hands, so it's harder on walks, it's harder petting and I don't really have enough lap space for 3, but we're making it work!

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