Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thought provoking Zack...

Sometimes, most times, I'm just amazed at the people my kids are growing up to be!  I'd like to take credit for it,  but mainly I just thank the stars above that we're so lucky!  I mean, who would have thought that my little Brenna, who once took a zero on her Spanish homework, because she didn't know which basket to put it in and was too afraid to ask, would be living all the way in Wisconsin getting her Masters Degree and talking about a PhD!!???

And Zack... so damn funny, it's not even fair!  Smart, kind, thoughtful and deep.... just a pleasure to be around and I'm not sure how may people can say that about their teenage boys!  He's a thinker... and quick....

He said something to me the other day.... We were talking about how much he's grown up and how when he was little we used to have to piggyback him everywhere and that now, he can probably piggyback me everywhere.   And he said.... "Just think, one day you picked me up for the last time and you didn't even know it, but it was the last day you ever did it!"  Say what??!!!  What kind of teenage boy, thinks like that.  It's a pretty deep, self-aware kind of thought.  He wasn't saying it to be mean or make me sad, he was just contemplating how fast time goes and that you sometimes don't realize how things change.  I, of course, still get all teary-eyed thinking about how true it is.  How many "lasts" do we let slip by without ever thinking about it or stopping and taking the time to really appreciate? Suddenly we turn around and those infuriating toddlers or preschoolers, or middle schoolers are all grown up and moving out and starting to make their own lives....  I know it's a cliche, put they are cliches for a reason,  it all just goes by too fast and the older I get the faster it goes!  I want to make a real effort to treasure it all.

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