Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Letter 2011

Here's our Christmas letter that I tried to get out in a timely manner, but was less than successful.  So here it is instead...
Goodbye 2011 – Hello 2012

         Happy whatever holiday is closest to the time you receive this letter.  At this point all bets are off and I’m not even going to predict.  Just know the Hyzys hope you enjoy it to the fullest.
            It’s been a big year in the Hyzy House.  The Wonder Child graduated from high school this year and has transitioned very successfully into her freshman year at college.  She is happily ensconced down at Radford University in southern Virginia.  She loves her roommate, loves the area and loves most of her classes.  Chemistry…not so much, but let’s be honest who really loves Chemistry.  We’re getting used to the house being a little quieter and a little lonelier.  We text daily, call a couple times a week and Facetime at least once a week – so there is still plenty of contact.  She was one of only a couple freshmen accepted into a Tropical Biology Study Abroad Program and will be spending her Spring Break “studying” in the Virgin Islands!  I know, it’s tough to be a college student.  My mother always told me (during the dark years) I just had to be patient and eventually we’d like each other again.  It’s true – she has become an amazing, funny, delightful young woman and we are so proud of her.  I think her new moniker The Wonder Young Woman is very fitting.
            The Zackman has hit his stride and is going full force through 8th grade.  While I don’t want to jinx myself, he seems to be coming out of the “obnoxious middle school boy” stage and we see glimpses of the entertaining young man he’ll become.  His voice is starting to change and I swear you can see him growing daily.  He’s taller than me and the pants I postponed buying until Sept are already too short.  He’s doing great in school including taking 2 classes for high school credit. For the most part we are enjoying him – when we can pry him off the Xbox.
            John and I are doing fine.  He’s working harder than any human should and still having to contend with his hellish commute.  He breaks it up with forays into the wilderness.  2 deer so far this season and he’s deep in the planning of a 10-day adventure back to Alaska.
            I continue to sub at the elementary school, vainly trying to help fund all my family’s exciting adventures.  I spend more cumulative hours at the high school than most people who actually work there and have taken on additional responsibilities with the Crew Team.  Maybe the biggest change… I’ve been caffeine and soda free for 5 months!  I know! Right!?
We are wishing you all a happy and healthy 2012!

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