Tuesday, December 20, 2011

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree Where for art thou?

Another successful tree hunting year.  We finally have this thing down to a science.  First and foremost we ALWAYS get a real tree.  For years we were all about the "family bonding,"  the "let's make memories."  Until we smartened up.  We have searched out our trees in every way possible.  We've gone out into the woods and hunted and cut down our own tree, while dragging children in snowsuits and sleds.  We've gone to Tree farms and tramped around the semi- wilderness, still cutting them down ourselves - with children fighting over who gets to use the sharp pointy weapon.  We've visited many a tree lot, some good, some shady.  One year I even sent John out with the children on his own while I stayed home and manned the home front.  By the way, that is the one and only time I've ever seen John so angry he lost his temper, yelled and slammed a door!  Just like most "family outings," during our Christmas Tree outings,  someone always cried, someone always got mad and someone always ended up sulking...until we moved to Woodbridge and discovered our little nursery.  Now, we troop 5 minutes up the road to the nursery, mom stands by the bonfire or in the gift shop, John and the kids roam, narrow the trees down to the top 2, call mom, we all vote.  BAM! DONE! Home in 30 minutes!  It's worked for 5 years and it worked again this year.  We had to wait to get the tree until Brenna got home so it was a little last minute.    This year Brenna took over the tree lighting.  For years John and I have decorated the tree separately - it just works better that way.  John always did the lights, and the kids and I did the decorating.  But this year, Brenna did the lights and then the kids did the decorating all on their own and it turned out beautifully if I do say so myself.              

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