Monday, December 5, 2011

I made it... I did it... Pizza here I come...not really...but something here I come...

It's done, it's over and I'm glad.  I really didn't mind it.  I was amazingly only passingly hungry during most of the time.  My main problem.... yesterday was boredom!  I was SICK to death of drinking stuff.  I didn't particularly want to eat something, but I thought if I had to make another smoothies or juice another batch of juice I would poke my eyes out!
I don't think I'll put the blender and juicer away just yet.  Probably not a bad idea to incorporate more of those into my regular diet, but going to take a couple days off first.
I don't know that I feel particularly "cleansed" but I know I must be?  Maybe I wasn't very dirty?
About 830pm... I made the decision and I ended the fast with a Subway veggie sub. It wasn't that I was crazy hungry, like I said I just couldn't bear to drink anything else.  I will say the sub was very tasty!
Today, back to my new normal ( I hope), going to try and make better food choices and move forward. Yogurt and fresh fruit for breakfast, salad for lunch and we'll see about dinner!
Glad to say I did it, glad to have it over.

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