Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Christmas Recap 2011

Santa left lots of goodies
A great Hyzy Christmas yet again.  It was just us, which is the way we like it,  There are lots of rules... I mean traditions... that we follow on Christmas.  For instance.. the kids are not allowed to wake us up before 7am.  Then we all go down together, get coffee and tea made and the kids get ready to open stockings.
We open stockings, one gift at a time with everyone oohing and aahhinng over everything.
Once stockings are done we take a break eat some real breakfast so that then I don't have to worry about all the junk that will be consumed.  Then the kids take turns playing Santa and we open the gifts under the tree.  Again, one at a time, with everyone watching and exclaiming in delight!

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 This was a great year for gifts for everyone.  Highlights - Brenna....
Iphone 4, Harry Potter Page to Screen book and movie.
Zack... 3 Xbox game - Skyrim, Skate 3, and something else involving gratuitous violence, some cool hoodies.
John - racquetball racquet, hockey shin guards and my personal favorite - a desk organizer complete with all his own office supplies so he'll STAY OUT of MINE!
Me - Star Trek 40 years vault book, Wizard of Oz dolls, water floss pic, and a bracelet that says "Love you more" <3.  It was a wonderful Christmas... very quiet... very calm and relaxing.
About 5 we went over to the neighbors and had an embarrassing huge dinner.  Ham, 2 turkeys, numerous sides and desserts!
And we finished the evening off with Wii - Just Dance, the perfect dose of humble and humiliation!  Especially when the neighbors 2 year old can rack up a better score than you can!

You can never have too much Harry Potter
We are so blessed and so lucky.  We have wonderful friends, wonderful family and a wonderful life.  I am looking forward to seeing what 2012 has in store for us!

I got everything I asked for!

Lots of goodies
No more little boy shinguards for Johnny

Cul-de-sac dinner

Just Dance

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