Sunday, December 4, 2011

We're all still in the land of the living...

Day 2 completed with a minimum of pain.  I was definitely hungrier yesterday than the first day, but still not terribly so.  Maybe around 7pm when I was sitting and watching TV I got a little cranky as that is my prime "munching" time.  But I persevered and made it through just fine. Athough watching Chopped and Top Chef was probably not my best choice.  Never before have I been tempted by squid ink pasta or a sardine salad with spinach and rice cakes!  I'm not really missing the eating part, as a matter of fact it's sorta nice not eating - not having to figure out what to eat and then make it, not having to cook, but I am totally BORED with drinking... and with the peeing every 30 minutes... and with the cleaning of the juicer and blender 6 times a day.
Here's my menu for Day 2:

730a - Water with lemon
830a - Greens with apple juice
1130a- Blueberry/pineapple rice milk smoothie
230p - Pineapple/raspberry/mint rice milk smoothie
6p - Spinach/blueberry/apple/lemon juice
9pm- Strawberry/mango rice milk smoothie

I was supposed to be drinking nut milk - made with ground up cashews, coconut oil, water and vanilla...but that shit was disgusting!!!  It sorta smelled like you were trying to drink suntan lotion, but I with chunks.  Frankly I think I would have preferred suntan lotion.  So no nut milk in this house, I just saved my last smoothie for before bed.

 I will say my stomach is definitely flatter after 2 days of not eating, but I'm sure that's short lived. :o)  I do feel like after this it will be easier to start eating healthier, although I'm not sure I'll ever be able to restrain myself totally when a tasty gummy bear dances in front of me...oh and that Papa John's double layer pepperoni pizza...  I'm definitely getting me some of that....

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