Saturday, March 17, 2012

It's all about the Hunger!

Just bought our tickets to The Hunger Games!  The movie doesn't come out for another week, but we're all in on the mania.  I've even tried to talk John into reading the book, but he says, "Why should I read the book if I'm going to see the movie?"  How did I ever marry that man?

I'm not sure who's more excited about the movie, Zack or me?  He almost had me talked into taking him to the midnight show... until  Brenna reminded me that despite her begging and pleading when she was a Junior I wouldn't let her go to the midnight showing of Harry Potter and if I didn't let her do that, there was NO.WAY. it was fair to let Zack stay up.  I guess I see her point, plus the chance of me actually being able to stay awake that long is slim to none... So, we're going 10am Sat morning and I.CAN'T.WAIT!   I can't remember the last movie I was this excited about, probably a Star Trek movie back in the day.  Hope it doesn't let us down.  I gotta go read the book one more time!

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