Saturday, March 3, 2012

She's off!

Our girl left today for her fabulous adventures in Tropical Biology in the Virgin Islands.  I am so excited for her, but also freaking out just a little bit.  I've been fine with the whole thing, excited for her etc... until the day actually arrived and now I'm freaking out.  Battling with myself to keep Doomsday Dolly from wreaking havoc with myself.  You know, Doomsday Dolly spends all her time thinking about pirates, malaria, sharks, handsome caribbean boys... all the things that could find their way to Brenna!  As long as Doomsday Dolly shuts her damn mouth it will all be fine.
She is staying at a place called the Virgin Islands Environmental Resource Station on the smaller island of St. John.  It's right on Lameshur Bay with a marine science lab in the water.  The website claims it "is a very remote and rustic (yet charming) camp" which in college-speak means "cool, awesome private beach."  But to me says, no electricity, running water or bathrooms!  I'm happy for her to live the experience.  She's paired up with another girl, who is a junior, and they are going to do some sort of mongoose research project.

There is spotty cell coverage, so it's going to be very much like the old days.  The days before cellphones, like when I went to Egypt for 2 weeks after my freshman year in college.  I don't remember calling home even once.  I think my mom just sent me off to the Middle East and hoped for the best.  We heard from Brenna when she landed at St. Thomas, but as they got closer to St. John apparently the coverage goes really spotty.  So Dolly and I will just stay home and try and distract ourselves until she's back safe and sound and within texting distance.

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