Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snow Day, Snow Run!

We've had 2 snow days this week.  We've only actually had about 4 inches of snow, but the temperatures have been way, way low!  Our high today was 14 degrees!  I think they are worried about all our preshus babies walking to school and that's why they cancel it.  I do sort of agree, since most of Zack's friends are still wearing shorts to school and on the really cold days they might agree to putting on a hoodie.   Zack's almost as bad, but at least he wears pants!  Anyway, yesterday before the "Storm of the Century" hit (the one that dropped FOUR INCHES on us) John and I decided to head out for a run together!
It hadn't started snowing too hard and we were only going 3 miles… so even though I wanted nothing more than to sit in front of the fire in my jammies with my book… John convinced me to head out.

It didn't turn out to be the quiet, beautiful peaceful run that I had been imagining.  I didn't even take my music as I planned to enjoy the scenery and become "one with nature."  :o)  It really turned out to be a cold, wet slog with ice crystals crashing into my eyes and making me squint and wonder what the hell I was doing!  I got a cramp about 1/2 mile in and really was just happy to finish!

Finally made it… in my jammies, in front of the fire with my boy Cooper.

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