Thursday, January 2, 2014

What's my Resolution???

I've been mulling and debating and trying to decide what I'm going to do for my 2014 Resolution.  I'm really proud of myself for completing 12 5K's and finishing my resolution.  I never would have run that many 5K's if I hadn't made the resolution…so now how will I challenge myself?  I've been thinking of a couple of things… Zack suggested I do a 10K every month, but that's just running and I'm not sure I can actually find a 10K every month.  David Tatum wants me to run the Marine Corp Marathon, but I already told him I wasn't ready for that - at least not yet.

Here's what I'm contemplating right now…
#1 - I will continue to run a race every month, I mean why stop since it's been working.  I will just make an attempt to switch it up.  Maybe I'll run a 5K, maybe I'll run a 10K, maybe just a 2 miler, but something every month!

#2 - One of those races will be a half marathon, Zack said he'd run it with me! I have run 10 miles before.  It wasn't easy, fast or fun, but I did do it.  I probably could do 13.1 if I put my mind to it and tried training for it.  Although,  I might save this for next year, especially if I decide to focus on #3.

#3 - The thing I think I really want to do is run a Sprint Triathalon.  Not a full fledged one, but they have smaller ones where you swim about a mile, bike about 20-25 miles and run a 5K.  I think that would be the most challenging thing for me.  I have the run down, I'm sure I could learn to bike, of course I'd have to buy a bike first, but the swim is where it would be the most challenging.  I know how to swim, but I don't know HOW to SWIM… but I think I can figure it out.

What's my resolution…

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