Monday, January 13, 2014

Working out pretty hard for an old lady

Brenna went back to school yesterday. :o(  It really seems unfair that when you are stuck with them living at home as teenagers, all you want to do is get rid of them or sell them to the gypsies or something.  Then they turn into fun, smart, great adults and only come back and stay periodically.  I like having her home cause she's a great running partner.  We run about the same pace and she's good motivation cause she rarely stops and walks and she's much better on hills than I am.  It pushes me.  It's must easier to stop and walk when it's only you running, but much harder when I'm either trying to catch her, or she's breathing down my neck.  So back to running on my own.  Although I have been working out with the Crew team since the beginning of winter conditioning.  I'm so lucky that Coach Cox and Coach Meehan are willing to let me hang out, help out and work out.  It really helps keep me motivated.  They usually run for the 1st hour.  Mike takes the faster kids on a long, neighborhood run and the slower kids stay and run around the school.  I usually stay and run with them and it's been great.  I really love running with them and helping motivate them.  Sometimes I go on the long runs, and run sweeper for Mike to make sure that no one gets left behind.  There aren't any other coaches that will run, so I'm usually it.  It's been fun, because Brenna has been coming along as well.

When they split up to erg, if there are enough ergs, then I workout with the girls.  It's crazy hard, but I love it.  Coach Meehan will even stop and give me pointers so that I can erg better.  He calls me a "Little Hammer."  Don't know why I like that so much, but I do. Coach Cox and Meehan have been doing a Sat morning erg class for parents and it is really cool.  The first day we had 9 parents, and last Sat we had 16.  They give the newbies some Erg 101, technique etc and the rest of us get a workout similar to what the kids do each day. For instance, the other day we did a 6min piece and then 4 minutes off where we did pushups, squats, lunges, jacks and then ran a lap and we did that 3-4 times.  It was hard and awesome and  I was pumped when I left.  I guess I haven't been erging enough to hate it yet, right now I like erging and getting better at it.  John came last weekend and I think I may have made him and Erg convert!

At practice, the kids are so nice about tolerating me and even encouraging me.  I just love being there and working out with them and helping where I can.  It's nice that Mike will ask me to help when he needs it and I love being able to help out.  I wish there was some way I could be a legitimate coach of some kind.  I'm working on an idea about that….Hmmm… we'll see….

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