Monday, May 25, 2015

On the Road Again... Nationals

Deja Vu anyone.... all packed up and back on the bus with many teenagers. Off to Cooper River, New Jersey.

Nationals is always a nice weekend.  It's a lot calmer, smaller, the kids are more focused and it's just not quite as hectic and crazy.  Unfortunately, the results were not what anyone wanted I don't think.  We only got one boat (Womens Lt 4) out of heats and into semi's and then finals.  They ended up 5th in the Nation.  Pretty freaking awesome.  Both the Light 8 and the Junior 8 were last in their heats.  I don't think either boat expected that.  Zack's boat only had 5 boats in the heat and they just needed to be top 4 to advance, but just couldn't make it happen. Not only is the competition insanely tough at this level, it was a tough weather day, rainy, cold and quite windy.  They just didn't have a good race and that's the worst part.  It's one thing when you come in last, but you rowed well and felt good about what you did.  Sadly that wasn't the case for either boat this time.  Zack said, they just felt off, probably one of their worst rows.  I feel bad for them for that reason.  Junior 8 had a terrible start, wind got to them and then they think they hit and killed a family of ducks, which probably distracted some of them just enough to throw it off.  Fortunately, we have great kids, after the initial disappointment, they sucked it up and moved on. I think they all ended up enjoying the weekend.  We had a great time cheering for the Lt 4 girls and watching the other races. And there were some amazing races with some amazing rowing!  I wish some of the parents would take a lesson from their kids.  There were a couple of very pissy faces and attitudes after the races.  Grow the hell up and react like grown ass adults and not pissy, cry babies!  Sometimes it's the parents that make this whole thing a chore.   It's actually amazing that anyone was able to do anything this weekend.  The whole freaking team is sick.  It's like it's held together with cold medicine, motrin, ice packs and heating pads.  But, it's no surprise if you think about all the stress they are under.  May is... States, Stotes, Nationals, SOLs, exams... the stress these kids are under, they probably aren't sleeping, they are working their asses off...  I think next year starting at the beginning of May, at the end of each practice, everyone can line up and file by and  I will hand out a tablet of Vitamin C and Airborne!  Sort of like communion...  to fight off the viruses!
Nationals in pictures:
Our site and hard working parents

The site

It was a pretty venue.
Mike didn't come so it was just Jason, John and I.  I can't believe we were actually able to talk John into staying at the hotel and having a drink with us!

Once again, this boy just cracks me up!  I kept thinking it looks like he has a jock strap over his face. Only my kid!
Good kids but undeniably Goof balls!

I love my boy so much!  I feel so privileged to experience all this with him and so thankful that he doesn't seem to mind.

One of my favorite pictures of them.  Such good boys and Matty!

This probably IS my favorite picture.  Unfortunately is was only on Twitter or I'd have it made into poster-size.  This should be on some sort of calendar or recruiting poster!

In action!  They are amazing!

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